Pedro Valentini Software Engineer, iOS Swift Specialized

Software Engineer

I'm a Software Engineer based in London and born in Rio de Janeiro.

Passionate about learning new technologies, writing clean and testable code to deliver a great user experience.

Specialized Mobile Developer

Specialized in iOS Development using Swift, Protocol Oriented Programming and inspirations of Functional Programming after have used Objective-C and Object Oriented Design Patterns since the first iPhone.

Web and Backend Developer

In the past I have worked with RubyOnRails, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, now I am studing Elixir to have a better understanding about Functional Programming.

Agile Metodologies / SCRUM

Worked in cross functional teams using SCRUM and Kanban, understanding the bennefits of the Agile Manifesto.

Devoradores de Livros

Become partner and technical responsable for the startup Devoradores de Livros that uses gamification and quizzes to incentivate kids reading in Brazil.

Bachelor in Computer Science

I finished in 2007 between the 10 best students of Unicarioca, Rio de Janeiro.